about us

Khanna Groups is a Canada-based, family owned and operated company established in 1998

Over the last two decades, we have been a leader in property management, property development, multi-family rentals and retirement homes throughout Ontario.

We are, and always have been, committed to bringing the best quality in our projects, people, and our properties.

Preserving Local History

At Khanna Groups, we’re committed to our community.

As we have grown, so has our responsibility for contributing to and preserving local history. Over the years we have developed and honed our skills to help us protect and safeguard traditional architecture. We breathe new life into buildings that have been standing for 100 years or more.

Our Zero Emission Commitment

We want to have a positive impact on our community and on the planet.

By installing geothermal and solar and designing our properties with eco-friendly methods and materials, we can do our part to reduce carbon emissions.

We partner with TreeCanada to make Canada greener. Each month, we plant one tree for every tenant.

Our Team

We are at your service


Ravi Khanna


From humble beginnings, Ravi Khanna has never shied away from a challenge or walked away from a person in need. As a young child, she was blessed with an inherent understanding, appreciation, and connection with numbers. For Ravi, her love for learning and her natural gift for finances helped drive her throughout her schooling, where she received her Grade 10 from the tiny village in India where she lived. Through her tenacity, love, and drive to succeed, Ravi is a walking testament on the power of simply believing in yourself and how through determination, love, and confidence, anything is possible. After immigrating, she worked hard through the ranks of the corporate world, elevating her professional status from mail clerk to accounting analysist, to the real estate powerhouse and restoration expert that she is today.


Alongside her husband Bill, Ravi began her adventure into real estate investment in 1996. With Bill by her side, the husband-and-wife duo began remodeling, renovating, and modernizing rental properties throughout their community. Managing the units by themselves, Ravi helped reimagine countless properties throughout the years, playing an integral role in the development of each property by providing financial and managerial oversight to each project – all while raising their children and remaining the emotional center and heart of the family.


Today, through sheer determination and passion, Ravi and Bill have grown their real estate business from a modest $6,000 yearly profit to an astounding $2,000,000 annual revenue – all with plans to double that figure within the next two years. Alongside their children, Ravi and Bill continue to restore and modernize heritage properties and rental homes throughout the region and are a testament to how through hard work, determination, and love, anything is possible.


Bill Khanna


For Bill Khanna, the road to success and personal fulfillment has always been paved with perseverance and a drive to help others. It was a road paved with constant challenges, fierce determination, tremendous heart, and a drive to prove to the world that anything is possible with a little hard work and a big dream. Growing up in a small village in India with a population of just 500 people, Bill was raised with an appreciation for community and an inherent understanding of the importance of serving others. It was here in this tiny village that the seed of success was planted. Dreaming of building a life that would not only financially support a growing family and build generational wealth for his children but inspire others to fearlessly pursue their goals, Bill would work small jobs and long hours to bring his vision into reality. After receiving his Grade 12 from a village school, Bill immigrated in 1980 and began the daunting task of learning English by watching the nightly news and other television programs.


A consummate and skilled construction, maintenance, and real estate professional, Bill began investing in rental real estate in 1996 and established his first company at that time. Throughout many years of growth, success, and serving the housing needs of others, Bill renovated, remodeled, and managed all of the units personally. In 2006, with over a decade of experience renovating and 25-years in property management, Bill and Ravi took on their most ambitious project yet: Investing in, restoring, and modernizing an estate that was over a century old. The experience helped the duo hone their skills and opened the door to restoring and transforming other heritage properties as well.


Today, Bill is growing his business into a legacy that he could never have dreamed of as a child growing up in India. Alongside Ravi and their children, Bill is the quintessential example of how simply believing in yourself can move mountains. Today, he combines his decades of experience with his passion for innovative technology designed to provide an incredible living experience for his tenants and build a strong future for his cherished family.

Our goal is to create net zero emission living for all our tenants, improving lives and addressing climate change at the same time